AUKTORA works with agile project management always close to the customer's needs and incorporates them into the development process through high transparency. With our model, we create the basis for joint innovations that can successfully survive on the market.

The process requires effective and efficient procedures and a pool of methods. The latter, combined with years of experience, provides the foundation for flexible and customer-oriented development services.

Project start workshop

A good communication basis as well as a common understanding of your product vision is the basis for project success and efficient cooperation.


We develop this basis together with you in a workshop at the beginning of the project. Not only are the technical approaches to solutions developed in a structured manner, but the economic aspects are also analysed. The result is a dynamic catalogue of requirements with a detailed solution concept from AUKTORA.

Derivation of a dynamic catalogue of requirements
Analysis of technical functions
Analysis of application scenarios
Systematic derivation & prioritization of requirements
Development & evaluation of system architectures & concepts
Project planning with agile project management

Planning phase

The developed solution concept from the workshop will be divided into meaningful development increments and prioritized together with you. The result is a concrete project plan for the realization of the project, which contains the entire length of the project with the number of sprints and all sprint goals. Furthermore, sensible prototyping planning is included in the process. 

Content of the planning phase
Dividing the solution concept into meaningful development increments

Definition of sprint goals, partial results with the customer

Prioritization of development increments

Prototyping planning (evolutionary, experimental, etc.)

Interdisciplinary development team

In the planning phase, a customer-specific development team is assembled based on the results of the workshop. The team is composed of the engineering disciplines necessary for your product development: 


IT, mechatronics, mechanical engineering, electromobility, electrical engineering, electronics

Agile Projectmanager

The developers are accompanied by experienced project managers in the agile development process. The development team is provided with a Product Owner (PO) and a Scrum Master (SM). The product owner represents the customer's product vision in the team and is your main contact. Its aim is to represent your interests internally.

The Scrum Master, on the other hand, is available to the technical development team for organizational needs and plans and moderates all internal project events within the agile process. He is responsible for the smooth running of the project and ensures that the team can concentrate on solving the problem.


The sprint length depends on the content of the product development and takes between 2 and 4 weeks, depending on the engineering focus and development support. The length of the spindles is determined by the PO in consultation with the customer and the development team at the beginning of the project.

Developmental focus
Higher share of software & electronics development (2 Weeks)
Higher share of hardware development (4 Weeks)


The development team is focused on achieving the planned sprint goal. During the implementation we offer our customers transparent monitoring of the status of the planned work packages and, according to individual requirements, regular exchange via telephone and video conferences.

Examples of sprint results
Evolutionary documentation
Prototyping results


AUKTORA has an open feedback culture to continuously optimize its development processes. This is done after each sprint. The aim of this reflection round, integrated in the process, is to optimise cooperation. This is done by exchanging the Scrum Master, the Product Owner and the developers.

Aim of the Retrospective
Wishes or suggestions for improvement can be considered in the next sprint
Improvement of the quality within the project
Optimization of cooperation
Increased efficiency in cooperation


After each sprint there is a "review meeting" with the customer. The team presents the results and informs about solutions and problem areas. The fulfilment of the set sprint target is checked, and adjustments can be made by the customer if necessary.

Aim of the review meeting
Handover of documentation and presentation within a telephone or video conference
On-site reviews at AUKTORA or customers
Dynamic adaptation by the customer
Transparent resource report on development increments

The agile project management was especially optimized for the product development of electrical components and system solutions.


The model has been adapted to the challenges

of technology change and leads to

tailor-made support for you.


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