Prototyping in an agile development process

Prototyping plays an elementary role in the agile development process. New functions, new technical approaches and production approaches can be implemented, tested and verified early in the development process.

Experimental Prototypes
Explorative Prototypes
Evolutionary Prototypes
A-pattern to C-pattern

AUKTORA works together with local and national partners in the areas of production and testing to offer continuously fast solutions in the field of drive and vehicle technology. By combining the core competencies in the various partnerships and cooperations, we create comprehensive added value for our customers.

Prototype construction for electrical machines
Packaging process of the active parts
Rotor & Stator Production
Winding & wiring of coils
Final assembly & quality control
Further prototype construction
Electrification of applications
Mechatronic Systems
Mechanical Systems
Electronic Systems

The special requirements for individual prototypes change during the product development process. Our goal is to produce the right prototype at any time and thus to integrate the required findings into the development process at an early stage.

Experimental Prototyping

In experimental prototyping, technical possibilities for the realization of sub-processes are carried out based on experimental prototypes. On the basis of problem analyses, subsequent findings can be incorporated into the further development of the product. 

Explorative Prototyping

The explorative prototyping focuses on the evaluation of the developed solution concept and the verification of the functionalities by means of a physical prototype. In addition, ideas can be tested for suitability at an early stage of development.

Evolutionary Prototyping

Evolutionary prototyping extends the applications based on basic functionalities. The need for additional functions and user feedback are recorded. Furthermore, the general acceptance of the products can be ascertained with this type of prototyping.

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