Vehicle technology - driving ideas!

AUKTORA supports you in the development and electrification of vehicles and applications for different industries - whether interlogistics, automotive, public transport, commercial vehicles or sports & leisure.

The system know-how and technical depth of drive technology is used to consistently align vehicle concepts to electric drives and to exploit the potential of new design freedom and functions to the maximum.


of vehicles

advance development

(eMobility concepts)

Automation and mechatronic systems

Product Development Electrical Applications

Conceptual design
Independent feasibility studies
Pesign studies
Vehicle simulations
Powertrain sizing
Battery sizing
Supplier qualification
Mechanical space drains installation
Project management and coordination
Supplier management
Production support
Quality management
Electrical system integration
Mechanical system integration
Supplier qualification (electric machine, power electronics, battery)
Mechanical simulation
Production-oriented design
Mechatronic design

The correct selection and combination of a concept depends on the application and your area of application. To create a competitive product, the methodical technology selection is made, prioritized and worked out in a structured manner together with the customer with regard to quantities, cost targets, efficiency, installation space and the general performance specifications.

AUKTORA offers initiation workshops, which are moderated by experienced employees and developers and carried out together with you.

Consistently electrical - consulting & pre-development

Drive concept & topology selection
Motor type & excitation type

Engine topology in the vehicle

(Location: axle drive, wheel drive, wheel hub drive)


(internal rotor, external rotor)

Integration level (Traction Battery & Power Electronics)

Auxiliary drives
Cooling concept
Thermal management
Elektrification level

Our technical view from the field of drive technology enables us to consistently focus product concepts on electric drives and to make maximum use of the potential of new design freedom.

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